14/11/2012 11:53 GMT

Christmas Gifts For Him: Why Not Doodle On Your Breasts? (PICTURES)

Concerned that you might not be able to deliver the Christmas goods for your partner this year?

Perhaps those purse strings are a little tight, or you're just bone lazy...

You might want to consider drawing on your breasts with make-up instead.

That's precisely what Rosy Sherry did when she forgot to get her boyfriend an Easter card a couple of years ago.

"I didn't have time to go to the shops, so I decided to draw him a card. Rather than use conventional paper and pen method, I thought I'd draw a picture on my body," she explains in the foreword to her book (aptly named Boobadoodle).


"A book? How can she possibly have enough doodles to fill an entire book?" (I hear you cry.)

Well, you'd be surprised. There's a tit for every season, a section on star signs and she's even created a Frenchman with a stick on moustache.

"Doesn't it get a bit old looking at lots of pictures of breasts with drawings on them?" (I hear someone else cry.)

Weirdly, it looks quite good. But would you be willing to try this? Let us know in our poll below.