14/11/2012 16:01 GMT

Nice Jewish Guys Calendar 2013: Hunks 'With Jobs' Pose (PHOTOS)

Sexy calendars for women have never really taken off.

Sure, we like a bit of eye-candy, but most women want a man who does more than pose in swimwear, we want someone you can show off to your mum, a man who's a doctor, a lawyer, who is both sensitive and a snappy dresser.

For the discerning woman, Jewish princess or shiksas alike, Fred Flare has the Christmas calendar for you. No scantily clad Hollyoaks girls or Holly Valance rolling around looking chilly, this is the 'Nice Jewish Guys' calendar, full of super cute and geeky little mensches every month.

Created by reality TV producer Adam Cohen, the Nice Jewish Guys Calendar features 12 different single Jewish boys, all with good jobs, the creator insists. He told Israeli newspaper Haaretz: "We are not always the best-looking guys, but we have jobs."

The boys on the calendar boast accomplishments such as making "a mean Challah French toast" or "solving complex Maths problems" - not your everyday boast on

So if Woody Allen blows your saxophone, or if Jesse Eisenberg presses your buttons, have a look at the guys who will make your mother kvell at such a shidduch.

Sexy fireman with his shirt ripped open? Grease-drizzled hunk posing on the beach? No thanks, I'll take one of these sweet schmucks any day.

Hey, what's not to like?