15/11/2012 10:36 GMT | Updated 15/11/2012 10:54 GMT

Chris Heaton-Harris MP Caught Out By Greenpeace Over RSPB Comments (VIDEO)

MP Chris Heaton-Harris has been left looking a little bird-brained by a Greenpeace video which shows him calling the RSPB "crap" and 'inventing' evidence on the effects of wind turbines on birds.

Heaton-Harris was covertly filmed discussing the issue and saying that he has "not seen any half-decent research about this".

But two weeks later he insisted during an interview that "there really is" the "international evidence" on the negative effects of wind turbines on birds.

Martin Harper, the RSPB Conservation Director, said: "Chris Heaton-Harris is clearly in a spin over windfarms.

"If only he’d done some ‘half-decent research’ before he started calling us names, he might not have got it so wrong."

All of this comes a day after he became embroiled in a claim George Osborne was trying to to undermine the government's green energy policy