Chris Heaton-Harris

The controversy is intensifying with the election just 10 days away.
Cabinet minister Chris Heaton-Harris said the country was "not far from an election".
"We were told it was all going to be so simple," Chris Warburton said.
Charlie Stayt mocked Chris Heaton-Harris's claim that the government keeps its promises.
Chris Heaton-Harris inadvertently damned the former PM with faint praise.
Cabinet minister previously claimed that nurses' pay demands were "remarkably high".
"It has become apparent we need to do more to improve the culture we work in," the chief whip said.
Tory MP rejects calls to stand down immediately after investigation launched into allegations.
MP, who chairs the rural affairs select committee, is being investigated by the party, as Labour says the government is "rotting from the head down".
The prime minister said no-one should be behave like that in any workplace “up and down the country”.