15/11/2012 04:11 GMT | Updated 14/01/2013 05:12 GMT

GTA V: New Trailer Shows Off HBO-Style Narrative Arcs (VIDEO)

While we're still trying to complete the biggest games of 2012, we;re also getting ridiculously excited about next year's blockbuster titles.

And they don't get any blockbustier than Grand Theft Auto.

The long-awaited GTA V is heading to consoles next spring, and it looks set to be the biggest and most ridiculous GTA game yet. Featuring an open-world much bigger than previous instalments and a greater variety of vehicles - from dirt bikes to fighter jets - it should be the best criminal sandbox ever devised.

But after seeing the latest trailer, just released by developers Rockstar, we weren't expecting the narrative to be this complex - or this cool.

The game stars three protagonists - an ageing retired gangster, a young hoodlum on the make and a nutcase drugs baron - and revolves around how they each rise and fall in the course of doing bad stuff to cars.

Take a look above. This could easily be the trailer for a particularly flashy HBO show.