Talha Ahsan: British Man Extradited On Terror Charges Writes Satirical Love Sonnet For Theresa May

British Man Extradited On Terror Charges Pens Love Sonnet To Home Secretary

Talha Ahsan is a British poet and writer who was extradited to America to face terror charges in September. He suffers from Aspergers, like Gary McKinnon who faced extradition after being accused of breaking into the USA's military computer system.

However, unlike Gary whose extradition was blocked on human rights grounds, Talha Ahsan was sent to America and is now being held in solitary confinement 23 hours a day.

Theresa May has been accused of double standards over the ruling, allowing McKinnon a defence of 'human rights' while scoring political points by extraditing British Muslims.

As Talha sent his first letter home from his high security prison in Connecticut, his brother Hamja allowed the Huffington Post UK to publish the following satirical poem by Talha, written after he participated in a Home Affairs Committee hearing from prison via videolink in May.

Hamja Ahsan told the Huffington Post UK: "Talha's sense of wit and humour is a sign of his dignity under distress and injustice. Read at festivals and public events across the UK it would make the audience laugh out loud!"

Children's laureate Michael Rosen first read the poem at Love Music, Hate Racism event earlier this year.

Sonnet of Grime for Right Honourable Theresa May

Silver bouffant, saucy smile, kitten heels,

terrorists dare not even speak your name.

Your predecessors made some dodgy deals;

some people are so blind they lack the shame.

A Euro-judgement clears the USA,

So party in a pair of Jimmy Choos

and shake it down my darling bud of May -

what else will show you are my greatest muse?

The love that dare not speak its name is true.

My lonely candle burning in despair,

I flicker with these dreams I wish you knew -

don't snuff them out, just smother me with care.

Theresa May, my babe, my crazy chick,

all I ask: drop this extraditing shtick.

Talha Ahsan before he was imprisoned in 2004


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