19/11/2012 10:25 GMT | Updated 21/11/2012 09:16 GMT

Tech 2013: Top 5 Predictions For Next Year

Any 12 months is a long time in tech - but 2013 looks set to be bigger than most.

For if the last year saw consolidations of a few key trends - the boom in tablets, Windows 8 touchscreen computers, refinements in mobile and the slow steady growth fo NFC, wireless charging and on-demand media - next year seems ripe for more disruption.

Whether its TV, 4G, private space exploration or ever-more mobile computing, its easy to find areas ripe for change.

But what do the experts thinks?

We've scoured the web for the best predictions so far for what we can expect in 2013.

Let us know what you think, and who you reckon has it right, in the comments - and make sure to vote in our poll to tell us your opinions.

Gartner: Three of the top five mobile companies will be Chinese by 2014

Technology analysts Gartner came up with their traditional 10 tech predictions for 2013. Among them was "that by 2013 mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide" - and that three of the top five mobile companies will be Chinese.

"Chinese vendors have the opportunity to leverage their strong position in the domestic Chinese market for entry-level smartphones and expand to other regions, because this is not just an emerging-market phenomenon."

GTISC: Botnets Take To The Cloud

The Georgia Tech Information Security Center predicts that in 2013 the big hit of 2012 - the Cloud - will turn against us. Or rather, botnets will learn how to take advantage.

"The ability to create vast, virtual computing resources will further convince cyber criminals to look for ways to co-opt cloud-based infrastructure for their own ends. One possible example is for attackers to use stolen credit card information to purchase cloud computing resources and create dangerous clusters of temporary virtual attack systems."

Business Insider: 'More, Better, Faster'

At their recent SAI 100 party, Business Insider asked their favourite tech A-listers about their predictions for 2013. Dave Morgan from Simulmedia was typically concise with his answer: "More, better, faster". The rest had more to say. Check it out:

Hank Campbell: Lab-Grown Organs

Hank Campbell, the founder of Science 2.0, writes in this month's Wired UK that he expects 2013 to yield big advancements in growing artificial organs for implantation in humans.

"Biology is converging perhaps the greatest breakthrough in the history of medical science - replacing human organs with synthetic ones created from a patient's own cells…"

Check out the full story in Wired UK. - More Crowdfundng, More Often

Kickstarter may have just launched in the UK, but Dan Blacharski at ITWorld says 2013 will be the "the year of crowdfunding".

"Sites like Kickstarter laid the groundwork here, but have been limited in scope, offering only a platform for mostly creative projects seeking donations. The new crowdfunding will legitimize crowdfunding, bring Wall Street to Main Street, and usher in a new wave of entrepreneurial activity."