Police And Crime Commissioner Spoilt Ballot Tumblr Captures Mood (PICTURES)

'No Politics In Policing': Voters Spoil PCC Ballots (PICTURES)

Polling stations across the country have seen embarrassingly low turnouts in the elections for police and crime commissioners, while some people who made it into the voting boothes did so only to spoil their ballots.

A Tumblr blog set up to record public unhappiness or apathy at the new elected officials details voter reaction.

Some voters spoilt their ballots by politely noting their serious worry that the commissioners would politicise the police force. "I object to politicising the police," wrote one voter. "No politics in policing," scribbled another.

Other voters were rather more colourful and poetic in their language: "Roses are red, violets are blue, this idea is sh**. Don't polities the police!"

Although some were more flippant by writing "Batman" and "commissioner Gordon" on the ballots at least they stayed on topic, unlike one voter who simply wrote: "My left arse cheek".


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