Tory MP Conor Burns Claims Government Will 'Regret' Creating PCCs

Tory MP: 'I Regret Voting For Police And Crime Commissioners'

As low turnouts continue to be recorded across the country, Conservative MP Conor Burns has said that he believes the Tory Party will "regret" creating elected police and crime commissioners.

Burns, a former ministerial aide, added that he himself regretted ever voting for the Bill which led to the introduction of PCCs.

Burns resigned from his post as PPS to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland after rebelling against the Lords Reform Bill this year.

The PCC elections have been called a "comedy of errors" by the Election Reform Society, which has projected a lowly 18.5% national turnout - the smallest percentage in peacetime voting history. In Newport, Wales, one polling station failed to register a single vote on polling day.

The elections were put on at a reported cost of £75 million to the taxpayer, but saw a low turnout due to a combination of voter apathy, lack of awareness and dark, cold weather.


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