Conor Burns

Boris Johnson ally suspended from parliament for a week for "abusing" his position to make threats over money owed to his father.
He suggested the group was giving cover 'for thugs on the ground'.
The five things you need to know about politics today
David Allen Green, a legal journalist, lawyer and Brexit commentator, noted that the alleged hacker knew “quite a lot of
Jibes that those protesting have no political career ahead of them
Theresa May is among those who have declared “it can’t be right” that Big Ben is kept silent for so long and up to 20 MPs
The Conservative Party remains deeply worried that a third Tory MP may defect to Ukip, especially if Mark Reckless wins the
The tweet highlighting this real human suffering, which prompted Conor Burns MP to complain to the charity commission, was not part of an advertising campaign or series of billboard posters as has been reported in some quarters... As a resolutely non-partisan organisation, we emphatically reject the charge that it favoured one political party over another. Rather it relayed what we know about the factors behind people needing food aid.
David Cameron and the Conservative Party should apologise to the former party Treasurer, Peter Cruddas, for the way he was