19/11/2012 06:35 GMT | Updated 19/11/2012 12:39 GMT

Boris Johnson Tells David Cameron To Be More Like Margaret Thatcher At EU Budget Summit

Boris Johnson has told David Cameron to "whirl his handbag round his head" when he travels to Brussels this week to discuss the EU budget. Or in plain speak, be more like Maggie.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph on Monday, The floppy-haired font of fancy has argued that increasing the EU budget would be like giving "heroin to an addict".

"The people in Brussels must have been out of their tiny minds. It is like giving heroin to an addict. It is like handing an ice cream to the fattest boy in the class, while the rest of the kids are on starvation diets — and then asking them to pay for his treat," he says.


Cameron, rocking it like The Iron Lady

"It is time for David Cameron to put on that pineapple-coloured wig and powder blue suit, whirl his handbag round his head and bring it crashing to the table with the words no, non, nein, neen, nee, ne, ei and ochi, until they get the message."

Over on the more europhile - or what's left of it - side Conservative Party, Ken Clarke has warned that leaving the EU would be a "disaster for the British economy" and would undermine the country's global influence.

"Putting our membership of the European Union at risk is complete folly and irresponsible debate about it at the moment weakens Britain's role at a table where a lot of very important things have to be said," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

Riding shotgun on the Thatcher bandwagon this week is Ed Miliband. The Labour leader claims in a BBC Radio 4 programme broadcast tonight the he his trying to live up to the Iron Lady's reputation as a "conviction politician".