Ask A North Korean: What Is Everyday Life Like North Of The Border?

Ask A North Korean (LIVECHAT)

What is it like coming to live in the UK after life under a totalitarian dictatorship? How do North Koreans live their everyday life? And is there anything they miss when they leave?

Seung-chul will be appearing live via video link here on The Huffington Post UK on Tuesday to answer your questions about real life in North Korea, organised by news agency NKNews in collaboration with Nothing To Envy.

Seung-chul was a doctor in North Korea, but since leaving he has begun a new life for himself in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

NKNews co-director Alex Hoban, a frequent visitor to the country, told The Huffington Post UK the aim of the chat, and the news site, was to provide a different perspective on the secretive country and news which avoids the political bias of state-run North Korean news agencies.

He said: "Ask A North Korean is a column we've been running for the past two months as a way to link people up directly with citizens of the country we know so little about.

"It's been one of the most clicked corners of the website, so we thought doing it live would be a cool idea.

"We're really happy it's pulled off."


Tuesday 20 November 2012

London: 5pm

Washington D.C: 12 midday

Los Angeles: 9am

Beijing: 1am

Pyongyang / Seoul: 2am


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