Iain Duncan Smith Loses Temper With Owen Jones Over Benefit Cap On BBC's Question Time (VIDEO)

Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith lost his temper towards the end of a fiery Question Time on Thursday night, raising his voice at left-wing commentator and author Owen Jones.

The Tory MP, who is overseeing an overhaul of the welfare system, was confronted by Jones over benefits recipients who had died after being approved as 'fit for work' by assessment company Atos.

Jones asked Duncan Smith what he made of the case of Brian McArdle, who, he said: "was 57 years old, paralysed down one side, paralysed in one eye, couldn't speak. He died one day after being found fit to work by Atos."

Known as 'the quiet man' during his ill-fated term as party leader, Duncan Smith showed himself to be anything but as he interrupted Jones, saying: "We've heard a lot from you, let me tell you something."

Duncan Smith vigorously defended his reforms, insisting: "We are changing their lives, I am proud of doing that, getting them off benefit is what we're going to do."

Unfortunately, Question Time host David Dimbleby called time on the debate before the two could spar further.

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