26/11/2012 15:01 GMT

Cats Pictured At Annual Supreme Show, Birmingham, In Whiskered Glory

Cat enthusiasts and pampered purebreds have gathered in Birmingham for the Annual Supreme Cat Show.

Posing inside their silken cages, these cats are no ordinary mousers. With names like 'Archiebald Juan' and 'Peter Purrfect' these preened pussies are the cats whiskers of the petting world.

mr bojangles

Mr Bojangles takes it easy in between shows

The furry extravaganza occurs annually at Birmingham NEC and is one of the biggest cat fancies in the world.

archibold juan

Sue Goodger poses for a photograph with her Sphinx kitten named 'Archiebald Juan'

Plenty of the unusual Sphinx cats were to be seen at the exhibition centre.

The hairless breed may look ugly to some, but they are known for their extrovert personalities.

cat show

Famous Sphinx cats include 'Mr Bigglesworth' who belonged to Dr Evil in Austin Powers

Their skin is said to feel like chamois leather, covered with a fine covering of hair.


The definition of cattitude?

With categories such as Persian, Siamese, Burmese, British and Foreign, the Supreme Cat gets the glory of beating 1000 other competitors. There's also a prize for the best dressed pen.

Take a look at some more of the cat competitors below.