26/11/2012 06:56 GMT | Updated 26/11/2012 12:41 GMT

Outrage As Lib Dems Take Nick Clegg Away From His Foster Parents

The decision to remove Nick Clegg and other political youngsters from their Conservative foster family in Westminster has caused uproar.

Lib Dem workers made the move after they discovered the political allegiance of Nick’s foster parents, which they deemed "incompatible" with the views of Clegg and his brothers Vince and Ed.

They have even been accused of keeping them “in a cabinet”.

“We would not have allowed Nick and his brothers to be placed in Westminster had we known their carers' true political views,” said the Lib Dems. "Removing them is absolutely the right decision - we do not want them to be traumatised any more than they already have been”.

The Tories have defended their ability to look after the youngsters, saying: “We were encouraging them to speak their language and teach it to us.

“Admittedly, we usually ignored what they said… But we did try.”

A fourth brother, Michael, is believed to have been moved to Scotland; while the youngest, Danny, has remained with the family after the Lib Dems were forced to admit that he had "settled in suprisingly well".

Senior Tory family member Michael Fabricator has called the fostering scheme "a fiasco", telling reporters: "We should have adopted those lovely right-wing kids from the Farages. They would have fitted in perfectly."

And the Lib Dems have admitted that Nick and his brothers aren't the only ones to be affected by the debacle. "The people we feel most sorry for are those who voted Liberal Democrat at the last election," said a spokesman. "They have been the innocent victims in all this.”