michael moore

American documentary maker Michael Moore is well known for his hard take on social and political affairs. And his new documentary is no different. Moore takes a look at the presidency of Donald Trump and the “death” of the American dream.
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Michael Moore is calling on satirists to do what every political rival has failed to achieve before them – namely, unseat
For the children suffering physical and emotional trauma after fleeing gunfire in the Central African Republic, or the families rebuilding their lives after extensive flooding in Pakistan and Bangladesh, UK aid is a lifeline that helps them start over again... Legislating will mean that the political and public debate shifts away from a focus on how much we spend to the effectiveness of UK aid, so that we can save as many lives as possible. For nurses, doctors and teachers in some of the world's poorest countries, it is imperative to be able to plan service provision for the years to come.
With less than a week before Scotland votes for its future, MPs will have the opportunity to #TurnUpSaveLives on Friday 12 September. This date is the second reading for Lib Dem MP Michael Moore's Private Members Bill to legislate Britain's overseas aid as 0.7% of Britian's gross national income.