28/11/2012 05:18 GMT

Brett Domino Trio's 'Ultimate Christmas Medley' (VIDEO)

Every Christmas, the Brett Domino Trio - that's Brett Domino himself and Steven Peavis - are inundated with requests to perform people's favourite festive songs.

So this year, they attempted to prove it is possible to please everyone by cramming 40 classic ditties into this heart-warming, sing-along 16-minute video. So put on your best Christmas jumper, throw some chestnuts on to an open fire (while taking all necessary safety precautions, of course) and prepare to be entertained.

And no, we don't know why there are only two people in the 'trio'. Nor do we know why Steven looks so po-faced throughout. Maybe he's just more of an Easter person...

Want more festive sing-songs? How about 'Gangnam Style' performed by a fairy-light-covered house then? No need to thank us!