29/11/2012 08:09 GMT

UK Weather: End Of November Marks Beginning Of The Cold Snap

Batten down the hatches and lock the doors! It's cold outside.

Last night saw temperatures plunge to -7.3C in Scotland and tonight will see more frost - with a chill replacing the rain across the UK.

A spokesperson from the Met Office told The Huffington Post UK there could even be snow in some parts of Scotland: "Today is pretty cold, generally there are temperatures of 3 to 6 C, and some parts of central Scotland may be a little cooler than that."

frozen in scotland

Snow freezes over a bridge in the Isle of Skye, Scotland

"In Scotland, any showers that do come through could fall as snow," he added.

While the Met Office has said we could get some respite from the freezing temperatures by Monday, which is looking milder.

But the Weather Channel have predicted a cold December.

"A colder high pressure block looks likely over Scandinavia and also higher than normal pressure over the northern Atlantic. North Eeast winds will result in drier than normal weather for western Britain and Scandinavia, but showers are likely over eastern Britain from the North Sea with a risk of sleet and snow.

cold weather

Sheep grazing in frost covered fields in Cumbria

"Southern Europe remaining wetter than normal with low pressure over the Mediterranean and above normal temperatures over South East Europe."

The wintry weather comes after a week of floods, with the deluge affecting Britons across the country - meaning there is an increased risk of ice, while 208 flood warnings remain.

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