02/12/2012 06:35 GMT | Updated 02/12/2012 06:35 GMT

George Osborne Should Be Replaced.. With Alan Sugar?

Amid Autumn Statement and austerity gloom Osborne's waning popularity will come as no surprise to many.

More than two thirds of Britons want to see Osborne replaced with an entrepreneur and their top choice is Sir Richard Branson, according to a survey by GoCompare.com

Lord Alan Sugar was the second choice as 23% of the 2,000 Brits surveyed chose The Apprentice's frontman to take charge of the country's accounts.

The highest placed businesswoman was Karren Brady, Lord Sugar's aide on The Apprentice, who came in 4th place with 4% of the votes.

alan sugar

You're hired! Alan Sugar came 2nd in the poll

Ms Brady, who came fifth on the list of potential Chancellors, is the Vice Chairman of West Ham United Football Club and was once the youngest managing director of a UK plc when she was in charge of Birmingham City Football Club.

The results come days ahead of the Autumn Statement which Mr Osborne will announce to Parliament on Wednesday, introducing the government's latest economic plans.

John Miles, Gocompare.com's business development director, said: "With nearly half of Brits feeling worse off now than they did a year ago it's perhaps understandable that many people would happily swap Mr Osborne for a celebrity entrepreneur with a proven track record.

"Despite having less of a media presence than some of the other possible Chancellor candidates lately, Sir Richard Branson's reputation was enough to make him a clear winner in the poll for men and women, across all age ranges and in all UK regions.

"Although it's unlikely he'd actually want the job of Chancellor of the Exchequer, there are many who'd like to see Sir Richard Branson give it a try."

Perhaps most startling of all, 14% of people want to keep Gideon.

See the surprising list below and leave your own suggestions in the comments.

The Next George Osborne

:: The full results:

1st - Sir Richard Branson - 39%

2nd - Lord Alan Sugar - 23%

3rd - Theo Paphitis - 6%

3rd - Sir James Dyson - 6%

4th - Karren Brady - 4%

6th - Hilary Devey - 3%

7th - Bernie Ecclestone - 1%

7th - Jacqueline Gold - 1%

7th - Martha Lane-Fox - 1%

10th - Richard Desmond - 1%

Keep George Osborne - 14%