13/12/2012 05:48 GMT | Updated 13/12/2012 06:00 GMT

British Comedy Awards: Sacha Baron-Cohen Courts Controversy With 'Jimmy Savile' Tracksuit (PICTURE)

Trust Sacha Baron-Cohen to come up with the goods and provide the British Comedy Awards with its only controversial moment (if you don't count the overlooking of Olivia Colman, that is).

Yes, call it funny, call it tasteless, call it 'bringing an old character up-to-date' - but Baron-Cohen certainly stole the show when he collected his Outstanding Contribution Award dressed as his character Ali G, explained that he was now having to get his tracksuits from charity shops, and turned around to reveal this:

"I ain't ever heard of this label," he said.

The Daily Mail is up in arms, of course, calling it "a crude joke".

"After he accepted his award, given to him by Jonathan Ross who presented the show," writes the Mail, "he made a series of other offensive jokes, including one about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy."

But while the Mail claims that "many thought it was a step too far", Twitter seemed to disagree, with the overwhelming majority of tweeters loving Baron-Cohen's acceptance speech. Here were just a sample of the reactions:

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