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"I was actually really looking forward to this after losing at the Oscars, but you can f***ing keep it..."
'So why is everyone cussing the RAC?'
The DUP have been making headlines over the last few days as reporters scramble to see what kind of deal they strike with
Where Trigger differs from the current crop of online pranksters (aside from the surreal tone and social commentary) is in its humanity. Many online pranksters deal exclusively in shock value, often engineering pranks at the victim's expense. Pranks are conceived with the express intention of angering people and courting publicity.
The UN Security Council announced on Tuesday that Boutros Boutros-Ghali had died, aged 93. The Egyptian served as the 6th
There is an underlying snobbery running through our democracy. The political class - roughly defined as those that think
Brand has undoubtedly empowered some of the politically apathetic young to criticize and question - like Tony Benn did on Da Ali G show - and such an achievement shouldn't be denigrated simply because one man doesn't have all the answers. The reality is that the young are often disinterested in politics and it might just take someone weird and wacky to offer them some sense of hope.
Ali G introduced then Labour MP Tony Benn on his show in 2000, saying that he would explain "what the socialism is" and "the
The tragic death of comedian, actor, writer, director and producer Mel Smith will cause many to pause for thought.
Comic Relief's funny moments are a rare example of a deal in which everyone wins. The rich and the famous are presented with