14/12/2012 10:54 GMT

'Strictly Come Dancing' Star Denise Van Outen Won't Watch The Show Next Year

Denise Van Outen has joked that she won't be able to watch 'Strictly Come Dancing' next year - because she's not a part of it.

The stage star, who has reached the semi-finals, has enjoyed showing off her moves on the BBC dance show with partner James Jordan.

"I will miss it. 'Strictly' for me is purely for the fun element. I won't be able to watch it next year because I will be too jealous - or, as we say in Essex, 'well jell'," she told the Daily Mail.

denise van outen

Denise, who was wowed both the judges and viewers alike with her dancing, attributes her Strictly success to being in a relaxed frame of mind, unlike Olympian Victoria Pendleton.

"To really enjoy it, you have to be in a good place. I was chatting to Victoria before she left and said to her, 'You've got to remember what a year you have had'," she recalled.

"She went straight from the Olympics and all that huge pressure to this when I think she needed a good holiday. She's the loveliest girl, but she was so tired."

The 38-year-old insisted that winning Strictly is not her goal.

"I understand it is a TV show, a popularity contest. So I don't mind about not winning. To me it is not about that, it is about enjoying the dancing," she explained.

"James always sticks up for me because he knows I really do struggle with it. It's so technical I find it hard to pick up. I end up treading on James' toes and getting my arms all twisted."

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