20/12/2012 09:31 GMT | Updated 20/12/2012 10:12 GMT

FullBeauty: Photographer Yossi Loloi Captures Obese Women In The Nude (NSWF PICTURES)

Beauty and art come in all shapes and sizes, as these portraits demonstrate.

This series of images, captured by Italian photographer Yossi Loloi, are the centrepiece of an ongoing art project called FullBeauty.

The 36-year-old insists his subjects weight at least 30 stone (with the heaviest tipping the scales at 43 stone) and hide nothing from the glare of his lens.

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Yossi Loloi insists his models weigh at least 30 stone

Loloi’s fascination of bigger women began in 2006, when he started photographing models known as SSBBW (Super-Sized Big Beautiful Women).

He said: "I wanted to show that beauty isn't owned by skinny people alone.

"To this end the project had to be provocative, but at the same time reassuring, so I focussed on their fullness and femininity as a form of protest against discrimination.

"My intention was to show women of size in a way that would be hard for people to criticise. So I shot them in settings that weren't instantly recognizable.

Loloi says he focuses on the fullness and femininity of the women he photographs

"This way, the subjects would be taken out of context and viewed in their own intimacy, creating a sense of liberation and serenity.

"I was more interested in shooting these women for what they represent and not necessarily who they are in real life - to me they are human sculptures."

While the photographs in his project will be judged by most on their artistic merit, Yossi accepts that they will be taken the wrong way by some viewers.


"It saddens me sometimes when people stop at the gates of the 'health issue' rather than stepping inside the image and trying to understand it.

"It shows how we are spoiled culturally and so it is my job as an artist to 'awaken' feelings in others, be it outrage or marvel.

"With FullBeauty I am trying to underline that we all have the right to be appreciated the way we are and that there should be no dictatorship on taste."

FullBeauty can be viewed in all its NSFW glory here.