India Gang Rape Victim: 600 Guitarists Pictured In Darjeeling Playing John Lennon's Imagine As Tribute

More than 600 guitarists in Darjeeling performed a singalong of John Lennon's Imagine in tribute to the gang rape victim whose death has stirred the nation.

Male and female students and activists played the song simultaneously in what was a planned world record attempt.

A mass guitar ensemble played by some 600 guitarists in Darjeeling

It was performed at the Darjeeling Tea and Tourism Festival, originally intended to pay tribute to 50 years of the Liverpool band, according to the Times of India.

Musicians play John Lennon's 'Imagine' in a memorial tribute

Protesters have massed in Indian cities daily since the December 16 assault demanding the government and police take sex crime more seriously, with tougher penalties for offenders and even chemical castration being considered.

Some of the 600 guitarists who amassed in Darjeeling

Five men accused of gang-raping a 23-year-old student on a moving bus in New Delhi in a deadly crime that repulsed the nation are to be formally charged in court.

Since the attack, women have held candlelit vigils, painted signs and held protests in New Delhi and cities across India, demanding government and police action to stop the poor treatment of women in India.

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