03/01/2013 07:08 GMT | Updated 31/01/2013 07:10 GMT

Cristina Kirchner, Argentina's Problems And The Falkland Island Distraction

Argentinian president, Cristina Kirchner, has gained somewhat of a reputation for being a touch belligerent with the UK over the Falkland Islands.

Since coming to power in 2007, the 59-year-old, has had a rough ride overseeing a debt-ridden country at a time of worldwide recession.

A, dare we say it, "convenient" distraction to the problems of the country during her term has been the age-old rallying point of Argentinian patriotism, Las Malvinas.

Las Malvinas, or the Falkland Islands if you are a "colonialist" Briton, have repeatedly been the subject of a bit of classic Kirchner rhetoric.

But the Brits aren't the only ones who think perhaps Madam President is using international territorial claims to mask domestic economic woes...