HAPIFork 'Bluetooth Fork' Claims It Can Lose You Weight (VIDEO)

Bluetooth Fork Could Be High-Tech Ticket To Weight Loss

How smart is your fork?

Not smart enough.

Among the laptops, gaming consoles are screens at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, one gadget has brought tech to a new and unexpected place - the HAPIfork, an eating utensil which claims it can help you lose weight.

The idea, according to its French inventors HAPIlabs, is that eating too fast is one of the causes of weight gain - because you keep munching before your brain has kicked in to tell you to stop.

The HAPIfork helps by tracking every time your fork touches your mouth, and transmitting that data to an app on your phone.

If you eat too quickly, the fork vibrates and tells you to slow down.

It can also tell you when your meals begin and end, how long you've been eating per day and how your 'rate of eating' changes.

It's on show at CES in Las Vegas, and reports are it works - and could be a fun new toy to help you shed a few pounds.

The fork will cost $99.99 or about £60, and should hit stores in the second half of 2013.


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