Leicester And Solihull Police Offer Criminals Free iPads On Twitter

Leicester Police have taken a dynamic new approach to catching offenders it seems, with a tweet on Sunday offering criminals a free iPad to be picked up from their local police station.

Posting from their official account, the force tweeted: "Not a scam: If you’ve committed a burglary in the #Leicester area within the last week - come to our #police station & claim a FREE iPad."

However Solihull police force soon pointed out there was some skulduggery at work, after their posting was retweeted over 4,000 times.

Indeed, the West Midlands police force had tweeted the joke earlier in the day, but received a mere 18 retweets. Despite that, both forces received bragging rights on Twitter, with people posting that they wished their local station was as funny.

It's not the first playful police tweet on their feed, with a quick scan showing the bobby behind this account has a good sense of humour.

But Solihull comes up trumps every time, with some of their past tweets simply criminal: "Anyone lost a huge amount of cannabis in the Chelmsley Wood area? Don’t panic, we found it. Please come to the police station to collect it."

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