Nick Clegg's LBC Radio Debut Reveals A Onesie In The Closet And A Soft Spot For Ken Clarke

Nick Clegg made history on Thursday morning by being the first ever cabinet minister to admit to owning a onesie.

A big green one.

As the country choked on its breakfast, imagining Clegg dressed in a giant green baby grow, a select few people were chosen to fire off some questions towards the deputy prime minister.

You can never un-see this

Here's 10 other things we also learned from the Lib Dem leader's appearance on the breakfast slot:

1) He doesn't 'admire' Cameron or Osborne.

When asked by host Nick Ferrari which Tories he admired most, Clegg squirmed out of answering whether or not he specifically admired his top two Tory colleagues.

He said: "It's not a question of admiration, in a coalition you have to make sure in a grown up respectful way you work together...to arrive at a decision you are happy to deliver together."

That's a no then.

2) Ken Clarke is a right laugh down the pub.

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, Clegg admitted Clarke would be his first choice to share an apple martini with.

3) At least one person in the country admires his decision to do a radio show.

Clare from Park Royal, to be precise. In fact, in amongst all her introductory gushing, one could be forgiven for thinking she had been hired specially as some kind of airwaves fluffer to ease Clegg in gently.

She even got round to asking him a question.

4) He took Edwina Currie's advice.

Not only has Clegg never indulged in an affair with John Major but he also didn't say the toxic phrase "I don't know".

Clegg catches a whiff of the inside of his onesie

5) It's STILL all Labour's fault.

This week's favourite description of the let's-blame-it-all-on-the-mess-Labour-left-us-in is the "massive black hole of a deficit".


6) Clegg doesn't carry his membership card with him.

How does he get in anywhere? Or buy booze?. Actually it's probably a wise move, in the event of what would be possibly the least cared about hostage situation in political history, Clegg could always claim to be someone else.

David Cameron, for example.

7) This week's second favourite description of the let's-blame-it-all-on-the-mess-Labour-left-us-in is "Labour left the cupboard bare".

8) We'll never get to hear a live version of the "I'm Sorry" song.

He did say it but resolutely stated he would not sing it, much to the relief of those still gagging on the "Cleeg in a Onesie vision".

9) To be fair to the deputy PM, he actually did a pretty good job.

It took a lot of "shadow chancellors" to go live on air and face (what was almost certainly a highly screened cross-section) of society.

He didn't stumble badly and there weren't any glaring examples of question evasion.

He stuck to his guns and reiterated all the things he is proud of achieving namely income tax allowance, money for deprived children's schools, free child care and apprenticeships.

One thing though Clegg, how much money do you have to have to be classed as a "squillianaire"?

10) Twitter still hates Clegg. Here are some of the responses that are fit to be published.

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to disable you imagination