11/01/2013 04:23 GMT

The Shard Opens With Stunning Views (Even From The Toilets) (PICTURES)

Spectacular views unfurl themselves from every aspect of Shard with floor to ceiling windows offering dizzying vistas from the 310m structure, even from the toilets.

The tallest building in Western Europe, it's the only place you can see the whole of London from one point. But with views like these, even from the ahem, facilities, it might be wise to plan for queues.

The best view from a toilet, ever?

Visitors can guzzle up London's architectural history with their eyes, and using special telescopes known as Tell: scopes, can focus on a particular landmark and receive audible information about it.

Sunrise from the 68th floor

From the tower of London to the phallic gherkin, a kaledaiscopic of capital are revealed from the higher floors. On days with perfect visibility, 40 miles of the sprawling capital are revealed.

The Shard reshapes London's skyline

Even in the rain, London's sprawling metropolis is iconic

The Tell: scopes are particularly useful if visibility is poor as they show not only a live "as it is" image but, at the push of a button, what a clear-day view would be as well as a sunset view and a night view.

Sunlight from the shard as it was constructed

You can live with these stunning views too. There are 10 luxury apartments in the 1,016ft (310m) building which are expected to go for as much as £50 million each and will be let out later this year.

Another stunning view from the top

The glassy, triangular-shaped structure, from which the Shard gets its name also has 600,000sq ft of offices, three floors of restaurants and a 200-room Shangri-La hotel which is due to open this summer.