David Cameron Is Jealous Of His Children's Onesies, And Nick Clegg's Green One

The only thing greener than Nick Clegg's onesie is David Cameron's envy for the must-have fashion item.

The prime minister has revealed that he does not own a onesie, unlike his deputy, but added that he is "jealous" of the ones his children have.

Cameron was asked if he had one of the popular all-in-one leisure suits after Clegg admitted being given one during a radio phone-in last week.

Not even the furore over the EU has made Cameron as sad as this

Speaking on ITV's Daybreak, Cameron said he had not joined in with the trend, which has seen grown men and women wearing the romper outfits.

He said: "My children have onesies. I often say that I'm very jealous that they didn't get me one."

Last week Clegg told London's LBC 97.3 radio that he had been given a "big green onesie" in Sheffield but said he had not worn it and it was still in its packaging.