German Guy Covers 'Seven Nation Army' In A Car While His Dad Plays Accordion And His Mum Drives (VIDEO)

Things YouTube Was Made For, No.752: Filming yourself covering 'Seven Nation Army' in a car while your dad plays accordion and your mum drives.

Yes, say hello to our favourite German YouTuber, Flula Borg - who you may remember from this rather wonderful vlog, in which he questioned the use of the word 'football' by Americans.

Flula has a new video out - and it's just so odd, so wonderful, that we had to share.

In it, as you will see, he and his dad perform a cover of 'Seven Nation Army' by the White Stripes - in the back of the family Volkswagen - while his mum quietly, and quite happily, drives them both. At least, she looks like she's quite happy. She could be secretly thinking "I wish they'd shut the f*** up!!!" (in German), but if so, she's hiding it very well.

It's all very wonderful. Now, Flula - how about doing 'Gangnam Style' next?

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