Lance Armstrong 'Used Drugs To Enhance His Interview Performance'

Armstrong 'Used Drugs To Enhance Interview Performance'

Lance Armstrong is facing accusations that he used performance-enhancing drugs during his interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The alpha-male cyclist cried during the interview, and showed side-effects of drug use, such as the return of memory.

Winfrey has admitted she was "mesmerised and riveted" by Armstrong - while commentators are already questioning his incredible, superhuman performance.

"The way he went from years of angry denial, bullying and threats to this contrite admission? There's no way a normal man could do that," said one.

Winfrey revealed that while no lawyers had been allowed at the interview, Armstrong did have a team of people in the room - who were seen "handing him things to help improve his performance... like pictures of kittens. Anything to make him cry".

The first part of the interview - in which Armstrong admits to years of being a dope - airs on Thursday night.


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