Exeter Students' CCTV 'Safer Sex' Video Prompts Other Embarrassing Moments

After a passionate moment between two young lovebirds was caught on CCTV and then distributed across the country, we decided to take a look at what other embarrassing moments have befallen universities.

Coming in at number one (obviously), is that video. The footage taken by cameras in the student union's Ram bar, which was then recorded on a mobile phone, has been circulating amongst students on the internet and via WhatsApp since the beginning of this year. According to national papers the pair were engaged in full penetrative poking, however student publications report "heavy petting and oral sex".

The explicit four minute video, which shows the naked couple in flagrante up against a partition, took place at the December event which is intended to promote safer sex.

Oh the irony.

Cambridge University sent around 400 students congratulatory emails containing details of fees and term dates, despite having already rejected them. The emails provided students with a link reading: "Congratulations on receiving an offer to come to St Catharine's", but the hopefuls had already been told they had failed to gain a place at the university weeks earlier.

Oops, awkward.

An Oxford University student provoked outrage after she used her "great rack" to attempt to win votes to become a librarian.

Madeline Grant, 19, used the slogan "I don't hack, I just have a great rack", in her bid to become Union Librarian at the university. But her proposed manifesto has prompted accusations of sexism, with one Oxford student union member calling her actions "deeply offensive".

How very dare she.

Yep, another CCTV story.

Two medical students were caught performing sex acts on each other in a hospital corridor.

The unidentified couple were found by a member of the clinical skills team outside an education block at Southampton General Hospital. The incident prompted a senior academic to email students and tell them to find a more comfortable and private place "to perform oral sex on each other".


And to round off, it's not exactly a student blunder, or even at university... But it's still bloody funny:

Parents got more than they bargained for when a presentation given by a priest at a primary school included some rather raunchy slides - of gay porn.

Father Martin McVeigh was setting up a slideshow for parents of children taking their First Holy Communion when the sexual images "inadvertently" appeared on the screen.

The audience, which reportedly included an eight-year-old boy, were left "horrified and distracted", according to the BBC.

The holy man is said to have quickly removed his memory stick from the hard drive and "bolted out of the room".

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