Paul Kimmage Says Lance Armstrong Should Be In Jail

Lance Armstrong "inflicted misery on good people" and "should be in jail," says one of his most fierce critics following the Oprah interview.

Former cyclist and now anti-doping journalist Paul Kimmage said he was confused by Armstrong’s revelations and now feels even more contempt for the shamed sports star.

Oprah “dropped the ball” on numerous occasions during her exclusive interview with Armstrong and failed to nail him on the biggest questions, according to Kimmage.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live Kimmage, who has previously been verbally attacked by Armstrong, said: “In my opinion Lance Armstrong should be in jail.

“This man should be behind bars for what he did. He’s not the first cheat in the sport, but the misery he inflicted on good people separates Lance Armstrong from the pack.”

The ex Sunday Times writer this week had a row with Bradley Wiggins after the Tour De France winner accused him of being “eaten up” by the Armstrong scandal.

Kimmage said Armstrong used a “cancer shield” to deflect accusations of doping and that Oprah should have quizzed him on how he managed to get away with doping for so long.

“During the first minute I thought Oprah Winfrey did terrifically well, but by the end of it I was extremely disappointed.”

He added: “What is blatantly obvious is he regrets one thing, that he got caught. I’ve no sympathy for him. I actually have more contempt for that man.

“I don’t know what game he’s playing, I hope that people who watched that programme feel the contempt I have for him.”