Michael Winner Dead: Critic's Most Controversial Tweets

Michael Winner, the outspoken restaurant critic, film director and in his own words "totally ridiculous example of humanity in deep sh*t" has passed away.

The 77-year-old, who owned the phrase 'calm down dear' with more charismatic humour than David Cameron could ever muster, was also a prolific tweeter, using the social network with more acumen than many a more youthful celebrity.

Michael Winner with HM The Queen

PICTURES: Michael Winner knew everyone

With frenetic (and often mysterious) use of capitals, Winner used Twitter to air his controversial views on many subjects, as well as frequently blocking rogue followers he liked to label 'derelicts' 'stupids' and 'ghastlies.'

Waging a ruthless war against anything approaching politically correct, Winner's tweets made him no less likeable, often peppered with such self-depreciating remarks that it was difficult to find his comments offensive.

He often tweeted about death too, in posts that seem even more poignant in light of his passing and in October last year revealed he had researched Dignitas clinic in Switzerland in case he wanted to end it all.

So from surprise that 'common people' were allowed to win gold medals to declarations that he was "a wonderful, almost perfect, human being with tiny faults", walk through Winner's most controversial tweets.