The Best Snow Sculpture? Jaws-Like 'Snow Shark' Appears In Derbyshire (PICTURES)

Snow has been falling all over the UK: it's been impossible to avoid it.

Not only has it been blocking our drives and pavements, but also blanketing news sites and clogging up social media feeds.

However with the curse of the cold stuff has come a new current, with not merely snow men but ambitious snow creatures appearing in gardens and parks around the country.

One of Huff Post UK's readers sent in this amazing picture of a snow shark, setting a precedent for snow sculptures we've seen so far.

11-year-old George Burton in the snow shark

6-year-old Tyler in the snow shark

Sara Lee Burton, from Kirk Langley in Derbyshire, told the Huffington Post UK she built the snow shark after seeing a giant snow mouth online. She added: "It's starting to become a bit of a tradition in our house - building with snow since we started getting proper snow fall again. We try each year to outdo the last.

"It's amazing what you can do with painted cardboard, tomato ketchup and a little imagination."

We've seen many impressive snow creatures here at Huff Post HQ. Take a look through the best below.

(Oh and think you could done better? Send your pictures to and we'll feature you)

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