Is The 'Nerd Dreams' Calendar Sexist Or Just Stupid? (POLL)

A controversial calendar featuring a model physically tied to a NeXTCube has been launched for fans of retro tech and video games.

The calendar says:

“November: Laura is tied to the NextCube, just like we’re all tied to the internet."

It also features glamour models dressed in plastic 'geek glasses', costumes reminiscent of Lara Croft and handling machines like the Commodore 64 and the Robotron KC87.

Its makers explained:

"Some of us are to young too remember, but there was an exiting time when computers were not yet part of everyday life. The Nerd Dreams Calendar 2013 will bring to you the machines that led the digital revolution, long before the smartphones and the tablets of our day and age."

In a recent poll a majority of HuffPost readers said that technology had a problem with sexism, with more than 11% claiming the problem was "worse than ever".

So what do you think - is the Nerd Dreams 2013 calendar sexist?