01/02/2013 06:41 GMT | Updated 01/02/2013 09:41 GMT

Ankara US Embassy 'Suicide' Blast Leaves Two Dead (VIDEO, PICTURES)

A suspected suicide bomber attacked the US embassy in Ankara on Friday afternoon killing two, including the bomber.

The US Ambassador, Francis Ricciardione, said that a security guard was also killed in blast, while a passer-by was wounded.

The scene outside the US Embassy in Ankara

According to footage taken at the scene, the bomb exploded at the checkpoint outside the embassy. The door had been blown off, but the building looked to be mostly undamaged.

Several ambulances and scores of police were dispatched to the area.

Two people have been identified as potential suspects, according to local police.

A statement released by the US embassy said: "At approximately 13:15 on February 1, there was an explosion at the U.S. Embassy. Appropriate measures have been taken by the Turkish National Police who are now investigating the incident.

"The U.S. Embassy would like to thank the Turkish Government, the media, and members of the public for their expressions of solidarity and outrage over the incident."