BEAT THE WEEK: News Quiz 1 February

It's been a testing week for European relations.

There have been rumblings in Romania over rumoured 'anti-British' ads to dissuade immigrants, Polish people frustrated over the British corruption of their tongue and Beckham fans feeling snubbed over his move to a French team.

Tempers have been short in the world of entertainment too with a Downton Abbey star engaging in some 'downstairs' behaviour on Twitter and a bizarre slanging match between 'human Barbie' and 'body mod' Ken.

Politics became increasingly fractious as David Cameron lammed over his long-anticipated Europe speech and there's been party dissent over the quality of his leadership.

But then again, as one unnamed minister told the Guardian's Nick Watt this week: "I have been involved in Conservative politics for 20 years. The Conservative party is never not plotting."

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