O2 Walkie Talkies: Designer Sean Miles Embeds Old Phones Into Shoes

These Phones Were Made For Walkin'

In what is simultaneously a ridiculous PR stunt and a fun use of retro tech, O2 has unveiled a range of phones built into vintage shoes.

The 'Walkie Talkies' have been built by the designer Sean Miles.

The phones are fully functional, and all derive from the era of bad screens, no apps and Snake.

They have been made to promote O2's Recycle campaign, which pays users money for their old handsets.

The footwear included in the work are a Christian Louboutin heel, a men's brogue, a Nike Air trainer, and a Hunter Wellington Boot.

They've each been upgraded with classic Nokia or LG phones, and will be shown in an exhibition in March, where they'll also be available to win.

Miles said:

"I wondered how I could make phones that people might be embarrassed to be seen with into something that would give them a new lease of life - which is what upcycling is all about. I hoped that, by turning them into Walkie Talkies, I would raise a smile and perhaps a laugh and create things that people wanted once again.

"I've been using them while out with friends and they never fail to start a conversation, even when I'm not using them as a phone! I hope that they can get more people talking about the need to recycle old gadgets rather than binning them."

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