Vicky Pryce Says Chris Huhne Pressured Her Into Having An Abortion, Court Hears

Vicky Pryce: Chris Huhne 'Got Me To Have An Abortion'

Disgraced MP Chris Huhne pressured his ex-wife into having an abortion because it was "bad timing", she told a court.

Vicky Pryce said she fell pregnant in 1990 while married to the former energy secretary, but he encouraged her to terminate the pregnancy.

Pryce is giving evidence at Southwark Crown Court on Thursday, where she denies perverting the course of justice by accepting Huhne's speeding points in 2003.

Vicky Pryce arriving at court

Breaking down in tears, the mother of five said there were lots of things about her former husband that she could ignore, but one incident stuck out.

"That particular incident is one where I got accidentally pregnant and obviously wanted to keep the baby because it was healthy - in fact, I quite like babies, that's why I have so many.

"He absolutely resisted it, saying it was bad timing, bad financially, bad for his career to be tied down again.

"And despite my protestations, he got me to have an abortion, which I have regretted ever since."

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