UK Weather: Heavy Snow Forecast For Parts Of The UK Over Weekend

Severe weather warnings are in force for parts of the UK as forecasters predict heavy snow, possibly up to 10cm, will fall - they're just not sure exactly where.

The warnings were issued on Friday at the end of a week which has seen the country enjoying a chilly snap. An area of low pressure is expected to draw cold air from the north-east across the country. On Sunday, rain will hit the cold air and give snow for many, especially for central and northern areas of the UK.

Parts of the country may have to get the diggers out again

However, the Met Office admitted there was still 'uncertainty' as to where the worst affected areas will be.

Eddy Carroll, Met Office Chief Forecaster, said: "Even at this short timescale there is currently a lot of uncertainty about the extent of the rain, sleet and snow later this weekend. People should stay up-to-date with the latest forecasts and warnings and be prepared for some disruption to travel."

That advice was backed up by the Highways Agency, which said: "We would advise road users to stay alert to the possibility of severe weather and to check the latest forecast before their journey.

"Anyone setting off on Saturday for a weekend away perhaps should be prepared for more difficult conditions on the way home and commuters would be well-advised to check Sunday evening and be prepared to allow extra time for their journey to work on Monday morning.

"We have been working solidly throughout the winter to treat our network. Our 500-strong fleet of snowploughs and gritters, plus our traffic officer patrols, will be doing everything they can to keep traffic moving."

Wintry weather is expected across parts of the UK

Writing on its blog, the Met Office was sticking its money on the snow affecting the midlands upwards: "The most likely scenario at present shows the heaviest snow across the Midlands, Wales and northern England with over 10 cm of snow currently forecast."

Looking ahead and many commuters can look forward to a cold, frosty and icy start on Monday with further outbreaks of sleet and snow, particularly in northern and eastern parts of the UK

Conditions are expected to gradually improve through the day but it will remain cold. Some quieter conditions are expected on Tuesday and Wednesday.