Ukip's Nigel Farage: Fourteen Fabulous Facial Expressions

Fourteen Fantastic Facial Expressions Of Farage

"The years of mockery and derision for Ukip are over" rallied Nigel Farage as he kicked off the party’s campaign for Huhne’s Hampshire seat, pledging to turn the by-election into a four way marginal.

Now hang on a second Nige.

Preposterous Disbelief: a popular expression wielded by the Farage.

Ukip might have crept out of the political wilderness, but over at Huff Post UK, we think any election is boring without a little bit of mockery and derision. This holds especially true if it involves Mr Farage, whose buoyant burblings and eccentric outfits make him a genuine joy to report on.

'You mocha me, and you will pay'

Indeed its not just political posturing that Farage is good at, but with effusive elasticity of face, Ukips’s leader has a gurn, grimace and guffaw for every possible occasion.

Take a flick through fourteen of the fantastic Mr Farage’s facial expressions.


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