Wearable iPhone? Apple 'iWatch' In Testing Phase Reports Suggest

Wearable iPhone? Apple 'iWatch' In Testing Phase Reports Suggest

Stop us if you've heard this before - but Apple might really be making a watch.

According to reports in both the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, Tim Cook's company is testing a curved glass 'iWatch' in its labs.

While there's no details about what the watch really is - and how are along in development it might be - it's an intriguing morsel.

That said, Apple is known to test many more products than it ever releases, and any such wearable product could still be years away from release.

The Times report said that the watch would run iOS, and stand apart "based on the company's understanding of how such glass can curve around the human body".

Ideas mentioned by the Times include fitting the watch with Siri, Apple Maps and mobile payments.

The Journal said that Apple has already discussed how it might make such a device with Hon Hai Precision Industry Co (Foxconn), one of its manufacturing partners.

Corning, who make the Gorilla Glass used on the iPhone and iPad, have already announced they are able to make bendable, tough glass known as 'WillowGlass'.

And there is clearly an appetite for such a device. Kickstarter projects like the Pebble watch have found a small but loyal audience, while Nike and Jawbone are also making strides in that area.

A cottage industry around building watch straps for Apple's previous generation of iPod Nano also showed that people are willing to wear almost anything resembling a Dick Tracey watch on their wrist.


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