Apple has a proven track record of entering already-established marketplaces and building up serious dominance. And with our data showing that close to 50% of smartwatch owners in the US and UK have opted for an Apple Watch, this seems to be a case of history repeating itself.
The big problem with the iWatch - except for the fact that it isn't out yet, is square and probably has worse battery life
The Apple Watch was announced last month as the company's first true entrance into the world of wearable technology. With
It all began a few weeks ago, during an episode of PMS so severe that not even smashing the kitchen up - normally a marvellous stress-buster - would have worked. So, having read that exercise was good for regulating hormones, I approached the exercise bike gathering dust in the study.
Given the years of hype around the idea of their smartwatch, it would have been all too easy for Apple to just stick a sixth-generation iPod Nano on an overpriced wrist strap and be done with it. Instead, the Cupertino-based company has given its Apple Watch a nifty way of gliding through menus, a healthy slew of supported apps and crammed it with more sensors than a North Korean game show.
We've been queuing all night, and it's finally here! The first advert spoofing the Apple Watch! "It does so many cool little
The Apple Watch has also gone down pretty well on Twitter: What do you think? Many people think Apple should have tried harder
Apple has just unveiled its new line-up of phones, watches and various other whatnot. You can read all about that here. Apple
Apple has finally shown its hand wrist -- the Apple Watch is available to buy now. At its 'Spring Forward' event held on
You may have heard that Apple has introduced a few new products lately. But one of the more subtle announcements might also