Horsemeat Scandal Gets Worse As Pork, Minced Lamb And Even Chicken Face Tests

The hunt for horse meat in the food chain will be widened to include chicken, pork and lamb, the Food Standards Agency has said.

And there have been fresh warnings over the contents of minced lamb products.

Ministers have ordered comprehensive tests on all beef products. Once these have finished, supermarkets will be told to test all other meats, the FSA said.

An FSA spokesman said: "We are right in the middle of this incident now, the urgency is around beef.

"Looking beyond this incident, it's important to ensure consumers have confidence in all products."

Meanwhile, a former head of the FSA has said some lamb products may contain horse meat.

Dr Mark Woolfe said dishes like lamb ready meals and doner kebabs should be tested immediately for horse DNA.

Questions have been asked about the contents of minced lamb products

Writing for The Huffington Post, food journalist Andrew Wasley shines a light on the "murky" trade of horses around Europe, saying the animals are transported in appalling conditions and often have diseases.

It comes as Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary, meets industry representatives at an urgent summit to discuss the crisis.

And the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police said there was not yet enough information to start an investigation into allegations of criminal activity relating to the scandal.

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