Martian 'Robot Arm' Discovered On Red Planet 'Explained' By Nasa (PICTURES)

A mysterious metallic object discovered on Mars dubbed a 'robot arm' has been explained by scientists... probably.

The strange feature was spotted in an image of the Red Planet taken by the $2.5bn Curiosity rover last month.

It showed what looked like a 0.5cm spoke - dubbed a 'door handle' by Nasa - emerging from a piece of shattered rock.

We couldn't help ourselves, and immediately labelled the protusion - with tongue in cheek, we should add - evidence of artificial life on our nearest planetary neighbour.

But now Nasa has stepped in to ruin the fun.

In a new analysis of the rock, the space agency said that it is likely to be the result of natural erosion.

It points to similar rocks here on Earth, found in places like Norway and Antarctica, where harder rock is embedded within more easily eroded material.

These stones are known as 'ventifacts' and develop strange shapes like that seen on Mars after being battered with wind and sand for decades.

And even if they're wrong, we're not about to dig up the rest of what we still hope is a giant Martian death robot.

Nasa will not be going closer to the mysterious find, instead pushing on with its established mission to try and find genuine evidence that life might have once existed on the barren planet - spoilsports.

Take a look at Nasa's explanation for the rock feature, below.

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