Meet Caffrey, The Two-Legged Cat (VIDEO)

What are you doing to us, animal kingdom?! Only last week, we were almost in tears over little Chris P Bacon, the piglet with a wheelchair. And now there's Caffrey.

Like Chris P. Bacon, Caffrey only has the use of two legs. But unlike Chris P., they're both on the same side.

Caffrey lost his left hind leg - and had his front left leg stitched up - when he was hit by a car 10 years ago, explains Most Watched Today. But sadly, his repaired leg recently developed a malignant growth and had to be amputated.

Still, says the site, "within just a few days Caffrey achieved near perfect balance and can get around just fine with two right legs."

He most certainly can. Click play to watch him bounding about like a (four-legged) kitten. Aww!

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