Jimmy Savile Alleged Sex Abuse Victims Sue BBC and Estate Of Late 'Jim'll Fix It' Presenter

Thirty-one victims of alleged sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile are to sue the BBC and the estate of the late DJ and 'Jim'll Fix It' presenter.

A solicitor for Pannone, the law firm dealing with the claims, told MediaGuardian: "We booked the action at the high court last week.

"It's all about getting compensation for the victims from the estate or from the BBC.

The Pollard Report was released last year into why Newsnight cancelled a show on Savile Jimmy Savile

"We have prepared 31 claims so far but we are still speaking to other victims. They are all against his estate and seven or eight are also against the BBC.

"At this stage we are unable to expand in detail on the nature of the cases or the allegations that have been made, which range in seriousness from inappropriate behaviour to serious sexual abuse."

According to the Daily Mirror, Pannone also said the number of victims they come into contact with "grows on a daily basis", meaning the number of claims is likely to rise.

A BBC spokesman said: "We're unable to comment on any legal claims of this nature made against the corporation."

Savile's £4 million estate has already been frozen by executors NatWest.

Another lawyer representing more than 50 of Savile's victims, Liz Dux, has previously confirmed that all of them will be pursuing civil claims for compensation.

She said that her clients would sue Savile's estate and would also pursue claims against the organisations responsible for where the alleged abuse took place.

If proven the claims could result in substantial payouts with individual awards calculated on the psychological effect on each of the victims.

The scale of alleged abuse by Savile is unprecedented. Scotland Yard have so far recorded 214 offences, including 34 rapes over a period that spans six decades.

The abuse came to light in an ITV documentary last year.

The youngest alleged victim is said to have been eight years old at the time.

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