The Pope, Russian Meteor, Lent, Valentine's Day And More: Funny Tweets Of The Week

Funny Tweets Of The Week: The Pope, Russian Meteor And More

We think Michael Moran said it best when he tweeted:

Yes, indeed. PLUS it was Pancake Day.

We rounded up some of our favourite Pope funnies (and Pancake Day jokes) earlier in the week - but a few more have crêped crept into our round-up, below. Well, it is the time of giving... up.

From Valentine's Day to Chinese New Year, the Russian meteor strike to the papal resignation - via the North Korean nuclear test, the BAFTAS, Frank Lampard and more (including, yes, a few more horse meat gags. But they're good ones. Honest) - here are just some of the tweets that made us giggle this week...


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